Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Quest for Social Media Nirvana: How to Kick Your Unfollowers to the Curb



The Quest for Social Media Nirvana: How to Kick Your "Unfollowers" to the Curb

There comes a time when you realize that you’re following way too many people on social media and our streams are getting noisy. It's increasingly difficult to filter through all that noise and find the stuff you really care about. 

In this episode of the Ms. Ileane Speaks Podcast, we take a look at 5 tools that will help you cut down on the noise by purging your following.

  • JustUnfollow - clean up your Twitter stream
  • Nutshell Mail - find new followers and unfollowers daily
  • Circloscope - the ONLY Google+ circle management tool
  • Buzzsumo - learn which posts have the most shares
  • Iconosquare - manage your Instagram account
Here is a screenshot from JustUnfollow which you can add as a tab inside of HootSuite. Add your Twitter account and see who has been inactive and who isn't following you. You can "whitelist" accounts that you want to keep following even if they don't follow you. The cool thing about Twitter is that you can add people to Twitter lists without following them!  

In this screenshot from NutShell Mail, I show the top portion of the email with the new followers and latest quitters of the day. Lisa Buben wrote an excellent post on Nutshell Mail and you can read it here: Why I use NutShell Mail for Tracking Twitter Quitters and More.
This screenshot from is from my dashboard on Circloscope Premium (but you can also start with Circloscope Free). 

This is a where you'll see a simple overview of your account. There are so many tools I can't even list them all but my favorites are:
  • Inactive accounts
  • Communities - find people that are in your circles or not in circles
  • HOA Events - who attended and who was invited but didn't attend
Christine DeGraff and Craig Fifield did a stellar job on making this tool useful and getting it to function properly! Kudos to them. 

Here's the screenshot from Buzzsumo when I did a search for "Instagram Tutorial". 

Notice that the Huffpo article has more Facebook shares but my article has more Retweets, Pins and Google+1's :)

I picked up on the tool after hearing Rand Fishkin talk about it in this post: Publish Your Blog Post Without SEO and 1000s of Visitors Will be Lost Forever.

Iconosquare [formerly known as Statigram] is the best web viewer for Instagram. This screenshot shows just a smidgen of the statistics you can find out about your account. I love seeing the new followers all in one place [woohoo, did you see that Andrea Vahl followed me!] Here are a few more interesting stats you can track with Iconosquare

  • Geographic location of followers by country
  • Number of images with filters
  • First Instagram post
  • Number of followers gained by month or week

As a special treat, you can watch the Instagram Tutorial video now. Be sure to give the video a thumbs up and FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM! 

Now that you know the tools I like, I want to hear from you.
What is your favorite tool for kicking unfollowers to the curb!