Monday, May 27, 2013

5 Incredible Ways To Increase Your Presence on Social Media



5 Ways to Increase Your Presence on Social Media

Be Yourself!
Increase Your Presence on Social Media via @Ileane

We all know that the road to success online depends on getting people to know, like and trust you. Make connections with people by showing your personal side so that people can get to know you. Stop with the constant promotions that fill your stream with nothing more that post after post or Tweet after Tweet of links to your blog posts.

I’m not saying that you need to share what you had for dinner everyday but share something about your personal life. What school did you go to, what was your favorite subject or a teacher that you remember. This is how you can connect with people that are like you and people that think like you. Showing your human side will go a long way for building relationships and in turn your presence on social media.

Improving your social presence on YouTube

This tip comes via +Sheryl Loch from the +Hot Blog Tips weekly Hangouts on Air over on YouTube.

It’s a great way to boost your profile on YouTube. Sheryl suggests that you get in touch with one of your friends on YouTube and get them to add your channel to their favorites. Of course you reciprocate by adding them back to your's as well. 

A word of caution on this: don’t contact people you don’t know or who have channels with unrelated content from your channel. 

UPDATE: A few days after publishing this post I asked Matt from +vidiSEO to add me to his favorites list and he did it!! Matt has an awesome YouTube channel with over 15,000 subscribers and I'm really honored to be listed there.

Add Your Favorite YouTube Channel to Your Sidebar via @Ileane
vidiSEO on YouTube with Ms. Ileane Speaks on the sidebar! 

Clean Up Your Following on Twitter and Google +

Whether you did it intentionally or not, your Twitter and Google+ followings are bursting at the seams with dormant accounts and people who haven’t followed you back. You can use JustUnfollow to clean up your Twitter account and trim your following. 

I’m pleased to introduce you to new tools that are available for cleaning up your Google+ circles. 

Upload videos to Facebook via OneLoad
OneLoad (formerly known as TubeMogul) is a service that is used to save time uploading your videos to many different video sharing sites at once. For example I upload each one of my YouTube vids up to the following sites:

  • Meta Cafe
  • Daily Motion
  • Flickr
  • Photo Bucket

The newest addition to the OneLoad family is Facebook!! Woohoo!! 

This means you can post to your Facebook page through Oneload. This will save time and it will ensure that you are getting more traction from your videos.
ADDITIONAL NOTE: Within a couple of hours the video posted on my Facebook page via OneLoad was played 9 times and got more attention than other videos I’ve posted in the past.
You can also upload to YouTube through OneLoad. Here’s the OneLoad tutorial I recorded


That’s right I said it! And I really meant it too. Get out and connect with others in the offline world. I attended two events recently and the pics are posted here:

You can watch the AWeber slide show video if you want to see the bio wall, game room and the pool table.

Seer Interactive the #SearchChurch
+Wil Reynolds is very generous and let everyone who attended "Breaking Down the Silos" grab books of their choice from his book shelf. If you ever get a chance to visit the Search Church at +SEER Interactive here's a sampling of what you'll see on the shelves there.

Have you tried any strategies to increase your presence on social media? 

What's your favorite tip?


  1. I think the most obvious thing for me is to remember that social media is suppose to be fun. Humans engage with posts they enjoy and will only share if they are excited to tell or show friends what they have found. Don't keep pushing your sales pitch onto your friends on social media... Maybe every 1/5 posts have something salesy... But mostly have fun and engage your friends.

  2. I think one important strategy is to let people know when you've mentioned them by making sure you tag them in your post, so they get notified they've had a shout.