Monday, January 7, 2013

My Tools, Tips and Strategies for Google+ Success



Google+ is the social networking platform that can't be ignored. With over 100 million active users and a growing list of the benefits it's time for you to jump in and take advantage with these tools, tips and strategies for success.
Google Plus Social Network Success

Google has integrated their Google + social networking platform with most of their other free internet tools. Similar to Facebook, you can have a profile in addition to a business page on the platform. I recommend using a Gmail account to establish your profile and preferably the same account you use to access Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

Google+ and YouTube Account Integration

YouTube can be even more deeply integrated with Google + and by can connecting the two accounts from your YouTube account settings. Click on the Advanced settings link to access the authorization area.

Connect YouTube to Google+

Fill out your Google + profile and tagline. In the introduction area you can include the hyperlinks to key areas of your blog or website.
Google+ tagline and Circle Count Extension
Google+ Tagline and the Circle Count Extension

In the Other Profiles section, add links to all of your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, About, Podcasts, etc. 

The Contributors section is critical to your Google Authorship and Author Rank. These are two exciting features that Google introduced to increase the number of clicks we can get from our listing on the search engine results page or SERP. It's important to link to any site that we are guest posting for or contributing other content to. 

Google + Communities & Resources Mentioned 

WallFlux - RSS Feed Generator for Facebook Groups

HootSuite Hootlet

Add +Ileane Smith to circles on Google+
Add +Basic Blog Tips to circles on Google+

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