Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How To Get Email Subcribers and Keep Them Happy


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How to Get Subscribers and Keep Them Happy

Bloggers know that email subscribers are very important people. Before we get started, I would like take a minute and t if you are already a subscriber to my newsletter, I want to take this time to say thank you. With each email that I send you, feel free to respond. When you send me a question, I'll respond personally and I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

Click here if you want to subscribe to my newsletter and get exclusive content and other updates. 

And if you want to get started with building your own list you can use this link to sign up for AWeberThat is my affiliate link, and I will earn a small commission, but it doesn't effect the price that you pay. 
Keep your subscribers happy via @Ileane

MailChimp is another popular service among bloggers and they offer a free service up to a certain number of subscribers.

I want to encourage you to start building your list now, even if you're not ready to start sending out an email series yet, it's a good idea to get started on building the list ahead of time. 

FeedBurner & RSS Subscribers 
RSS subscribers get some type of notification each time you update your blog. Most bloggers do offer their RSS feed through FeedBurner. Here's how to find your feed [excerpt taken from Basics of FeedBurner]:

"But Where is My Feed?

The virgin (or default) feed for every Blogger blog uses this format (replace “blogname” with your blog title) :
  • Atom: http://blogname.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default
  • RSS: http://blogname.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss
The raw (or default) feed for every WordPress.com blog uses this format (replace “blogname” with your blog title):
  • Atom: http://blogname.worpress.com/feed/atom/
  • RSS:  http://blogname.wordpress.com/feed
The default feed for Typepad blogs use this format (replace “blogname” with your blog title):
  • Atom: http://blogname.typepad.com/blog_folder_name/atom.xml
  • RSS: http://blogname.typepad.com/blog_folder_name/rss.xml
Feeds come in two flavors, Atom and RSS, (RSS 2.0 feeds are often used for podcasting) to accommodate the multitude of readers that are available. FeedBurner is going to help you sort through all of this."

I'm a fan of using FeedBurner too, but I want to caution you that there is a strong possibility that Google (they own FeedBurner) is going to make some changes or possibly do away with the service. They recently announced that they are shutting down Google Reader so there is good reason to believe that FeedBurner might be on the chopping block soon as well. 

Build Your Own Email List

With the uncertainty of the longevity of FeedBurner, bloggers need to plan ahead. Be proactive instead of reactive and plan out your future. Look down the road and think about where you want to be in terms of having an email list and how your readers will have access to your blog updates. 

You can use an email service as a replacement for FeedBurner to notify subscribers of your blog updates - once again, I want to give a shout out to AWeber since they are the pros when it comes to email marketing. I recently visited the AWeber headquarters and here's a pic of me in front of their "green wall" and waterfall.
@Ileane at AWeber
Ms. Ileane at the AWeber Open House 2013

 "Exclusives" Keep Subscribers Happy

Once you sign up for my email list, you'll see that from time to time, I have special offers and giveaways that are exclusives to my subscribers only. 

You can do the same thing with your email marketing campaigns. 

Feel free to copy the ideas from some of my subscriber exclusives:

#1. I received 3 copies of the single site license for SEOPressor Plugin Version 5 from the developer and I held a giveaway that I only shared with my subscribers

#2. I did a presentation at the Social Media Examiner Content Success Summit and gave away a free pass valued at $600

#3. I upload tutorials to YouTube that teach people how to be more productive or use the internet more effectively. I make sure my subscribers are the first to know! One example of this is PicMonkey which you can use to edit images or add text and quotes to Facebook or Pinterest. Here's a link to the list I mentioned.

Remember to do things in "layers"

I don't mean to overwhelm you with a ton of action items. Take things one at a time. Think of it in terms of layers. Perhaps you'll start with building your list, then move on to the next thing like starting a YouTube channel or a podcast. 

If you need help, or if you have a question, remember you can leave a voice mail on SpeakPipe and I might end up including your question in and upcoming episode of the podcast.