Sunday, September 29, 2013

Use SpeakPipe To Keep The Conversation Going With Your Audience



SpeakPipe is an online service that allows podcasters to get voice mail feedback from their audience. It's a handy online tool that works in one of two ways. 
  1. You can add a snippet of code to your website or blog which will display a widget
  2. You can send listeners to your custom SpeakPipe homepage
In this episode of the podcast I play a question that was left for me using SpeakPipe.
The question came in from Ron Hitson and he wants to know how I would send traffic to a squeeze page without using my blog.

Speakpipe Keeps the Conversation Going via @Ileane

Many professional podcasters are using SpeakPipe to connect with their audience by allowing them an easy way to leave a voice mail using their built-in computer mic or smartphone.  When I listen to podcasts I enjoy hearing the playback of questions left by by podcast listeners like myself.

Podcasters Who Are Using SpeakPipe

Here are a just a few examples of podcasters who are using SpeakPipe to turn listener feedback into content for their shows:
SpeakPipe Plans and Pricing


Promoting Squeeze Pages

To respond to Ron's question about Squeeze pages I talked about how there are many marketers using YouTube videos to promote their offerings.

I gave three examples of marketers who are using YouTube videos to effectively drive traffic to their landing pages.

LeadPages is the number one solution for creating landing pages and squeeze pages. I'm using LeadPages to grow my email list and the folks from LeadPages have a long list of options for you to choose from. Another thing I love about them is that they are masters when it comes to split-testing conversions. They test colors, images, copy - you name it - if there is any aspect of an offer that they can test, they will do it and share the results with all of their customers.

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