Sunday, November 25, 2012

Become an Authority Online with Scoopit

In this episode I discuss how content curation can help you establish yourself as an online authority without writing your own content on a blog or website.

Curating Content with 

“ is a FREE publishing-by-curation platform. We provide a service making curation a simple and new form of expression on the Web. Thus, you can easily create your online magazine. We want everyone to be a publisher and be heard everywhere. “

My first contact with was when I saw a Tweet from +Anise Smith. She curates content about QR codes. I was impressed with the layout and format of the online magazine she created on is similar to Pinterest where the spotlight is on the image however you can include more text and add your own take. is now integrated with Bufferapp which extends the social sharing capabilities to include:

Facebook pages and Profiles
LinkedIn and LinkedIn groups
Google +

My topic boards are:

  • Basic Blog Tips – Helping You Build a Better Blog
  • YouTube Tips and Tutorials – Anything to help you succeed on YouTube (by far my most popular topic)
  • Podcasts – Tips for creating effective podcasts and podcasting services and equipment
  • STEM Advocate – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
  • Blogging Contests – the hottest blogging contests around

Another great user to check out for Social Media News is Gerrit Bes

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